Guppy Updates

Over the past 3+ weeks now my male guppy fry having been developing a more red appearance just like there fathers. These new fry are around 4 months old now. Thus far there are only 2 of those males that have really colored up out of the bunch. The fathers are about 10 months of age now and they don't seem to be developing anymore in color, tail length, etc. These 2 fathers I have constantly chase and dance around the aquarium since there are no females big enough to catch their attention in this tank.

In my female tank I have a ton of new fry waiting to go to new homes around the DC area. The new bristlenose pleco I bought for this tank during Black Friday did not survive and ultimately became a guppy snack. I wonder what kind of refund (if any) would Petco give me under their like 15 day return policy if you can't exactly bring back the deceased fish (which is part of their return policy)?