Calcium Buildup Removal

Toss those razor blades and soapy scrubbers out the window because I found a calcium buildup remedy that involves a lot less work... you won't even have to remove your fish from the aquarium!

This method I find is easiest to do when you're doing a water change so, grab a big bucket and syphon your water level down to about 2 inches from where your calcium buildup is (probably at the top of your aquarium in most cases). If you need to remove the buildup from an old aquarium setup then you'll probably have to empty out your entire tank if it isn't already. Now that your water level is down lets begin...

You'll Need...
-A Washcloth
-Apple Cider Vinegar (or any vinegar will probably work great, I even did this with Rice Vinegar)

Pour a small amount of vinegar onto the end of your washcloth. Gently start rubbing the calcium buildup areas with the vinegar end of your washcloth and you should start to see it rub right off (be sure to avoid putting vinegar on any siliconed areas). Once the calcium is removed use the dry end of your washcloth to wipe off the cleaned area. Let the aquarium glass dry for a minute or two before refilling your aquarium with clean water.

This took me about 3 minutes just to clean off about 2 inches of calcium buildup at the top front of my 10 gallon aquarium, works like magic! Keep in mind that this is just a temporary solution to clean off the calcium buildup, it's not a permanent fix so you will have to periodically remove the calcium buildup as it appears again in the future.

Did you know...
Apple Cider Vinegar is edible so it will not harm your fish like many other products. Also, if your aquarium pH is high than keep in mind that vinegar is very acidic and can lower your pH so don't go overboard if you decide to add it into your aquarium water to lower your pH levels (the effects are only temporary as your pH will start to go back up over time, just as with almost any pH reducing product) as you don't want to stress your fish.