New Pitbull Pleco Named

I had a friend who jokingly suggested to name a fish of mine "Fish Sticks," but I currently like using more Japanese based names so the word "Surimi" came up in terms of a Japanese fish stick. Thus I decided to name my new pitbull pleco "Suri," for short.
Suri the Pitbull Pleco
Suri is much smaller than my previous bristlenose Pleco (named Eval) whom appears to be about 2-inches in length. Thus far I have found pitbull pleco's to like dark hiding places, and just like Eval my new pleco also likes to hide behind my filtrations' intake tube. Pitbull pleco's are also one of the smallest pleco's you will probably find in the aquarium hobby as they apparently don't get much bigger than Suri's current size. That being said Suri also doesn't appear to have the appetite of a bristlenose pleco and I have yet to see Suri attempt eating an algae wafer so, I am assuming it has been eating some algae buildup accumulating on the glass instead. Pitbull pleco's do seem wary of larger fish such as goldfish, but you really can't blame them as a goldfish could try to gulp up more than they're capable of. Pleco's typically have retractable barbs located right behind their gills which could result in them getting stuck inside a fish that does try to consume them.