Where the blogging happens...

As I am getting ready for university life soon I have been creating a more efficient work-space for myself in my fishroom/bedroom. It has been a bit difficult for me to find time to blog lately, but I do tend to post more on my Instagram account (link in the sidebar) if you'd like to see what I have been up to lately. I love being able to look out my window as it just feels more relaxing and open compared to facing a wall, and I can watch the sunset or people going by. I am loving this little office area of mine, and this would probably work well for those in small dorm rooms. My bulky printer is located on the floor under my desk in case you were wondering.
I did intend on getting a new comp chair from TJ Maxx but it had sold out within the week I took to think over the purchase. Luckily, I just found it online at Bed Bath and Beyond and they have their 20% discounts available on there as well. So for about $20 more than TJ Maxx's price I went ahead and ordered the chair (link below). In the mean time, I got this furry white throw blanket (seen above) to put over my current old comp chair.

eBay: goldfish furin
Target: urchin pot (by Threshold)
Dollar Tree: fake succulent (I removed the plastic pot it came in)
Walmart: sketch pad, and bird-feeder window hook (which I painted white)
IKEA: vittsjo laptop table (in white)
TJ Maxx: white lilly and mint candle (by Dickens and Hawthorne).
Homegoods: white furry throw blanket
Etsy: gold diamond pen
Bed Bath and Beyond: lumisource caviar chair (in white)