Betta Fungus

I was recently out of town, only to come back home to my sick Betta Moto who had some type of patchy almost white fungus growing above his head (perhaps it's columnaris?). I decided to treat him with some Maracyn Two, it seemed to clear up almost immediately by the next day (I am very surprised this stuff actually worked!). I also cleaned out his Cubus tank and finished his Maracyn Two treatment per box instructions in a separate container. He is currently back in his clean tank after three days, a bit stressed (still eating though!) but I think he will be back to his normal happy-self in no time. I also decided to add a little PIMAFIX into his clean tank as well just to help aid his fungal issue a little bit more.
Moto's Fungal Patches
I also decided to add a small satchel of carbon to his filtration system to insure he is getting pristine water in his tank while he is still a bit "under the weather". I am also interested to see if the carbon is capable of removing the slimy topcoat that the Betta seems to leave along the top of its tank water, as I am still not sure why this seems to happen or be a common issue with Betta's.

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