Cheap Pico Aquariums

I have recently been seeing some questions regarding inexpensive pico aquariums (a "pico" aquarium is generally an aquarium that holds 5.5 gallons or less of water). Personally, I can't see spending more than $1-$3 a gallon for an aquarium unless it comes with a light, or filtration system, etc this is because I can buy a $10 10-gallon aquarium at Petco with my bonus card (as a side note, a 10-gallon aquarium would be classified as a "nano" aquarium).

-The cheapest pico aquariums I have seen are typically at WalMart where they're often on clearance, their are many different types to choose from.

-Another idea (which I've done) for an easy cheap DIY pico tank is to purchase this $12 container of Ferrero Rocher's chocolates, although it does cost a little under $12 you do get to enjoy 27 chocolates while you create your pico (ok, you don't have to eat them all at once, haha). Just remove all the contents and stickers from the plastic container and you have yourself a nice small pico aquarium with a lid (you could even reattach the bow if you want to give someone a small fish as a gift!).

-Another route you could take would be to use some type of clear food container or similar (try the dollar stores!).

-Other places you may find things you can make a pico aquarium out of would be craft stores, yard sales, antique shops, and even some thrift stores.

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