Thanksgiving Surprise

I am so excited to share with my fellow Bloggers that 'Blue' and 'Quartz' gave birth to several guppy fry this Thanksgiving! They were my best picked pairing option for my new guppy line/strain. I can't wait to see how their young will turn out but that'll take 3-6 months for them to develop a bit more. Unfortunately both Blue and Quartz passed away from dropsy recently since I neglected my water changes having been busy with classes and work. There are 4 surviving fry though that are already showing signs of Tuxedo and I am working on getting my water stats back to healthy standards for these babies.

As for my other guppy strain, most of you already know about 'Cheeky' passing away although that tank was shared with two small fry that have now reached maturity and one happened to be female and the other a male. That male has now grown up to be fairly handsome as well and to me he has much more of a white color to him than previous male guppies I've raised, and he also has some red lining down his lower back which seems to be a new trait. I'm naming the new male 'Peppermint' for him being mostly white and red although he does have some black tux to him. The new blue tux female will be named 'Rudder' for her dark pectoral fins in comparison to 'Freckles' clear colored ones. Freckles has also been growing in size, and I'm not sure when she'll be dropping her first fry but I'm sure she'll be expecting soon. Also, I'm not sure if Cheeky impregnated her before his passing or Peppermint did (guess they'll need to go on the Maury show if they want to find out who the baby's daddy is, lol).

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