Lately I seem to be having one aquarium issue after another as my Eheim canister filter had a leak after I cleaned it out because I didn't realize I had to turn the intake tube at the base of the canister in order to tighten it in place. So, a week of using many towels to absorb the water from the new carpet (also, Febreeze was a big help with any carpet smell issue) and the carpet is finally dry again (from now on I am keeping the canister in a container). Luckily I didn't go to Florida for the week or I would have came home to a bigger water mess. The other issue I'm having lately is finding a new algae eater locally so, I may end up calling one of my fish friends (whom I bred guppies for in DC) to pull some strings for me or.. I may make a road trip up to PA to find what I'm looking for. Something else I discovered recently was that I am pretty certain all my current ranchu (Sumo, Pocky, and Ramen) all happen to be a tank full of female fish. So, that's all the updates I have for now and I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!

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