DIY External Canister Media Baskets

I decided to redo my (EHEIM 2211) external canister filter setup because honestly it was not setup as efficiently/correctly as it should have been (big thanks to PondGuru). In doing so I decided I wanted some canister media baskets for my canister filter since it did not come with any (the basic concept for these media baskets is credited to Mike Creuzer). I got all these supplies from WalMart, I made two media baskets, and I had plenty of material leftover.
Completed media basket.
Items Used
Stiff Plastic Canvas (the stiffer the canvas the sturdier the basket)
Fishing Line (I chose 15lb to ensure durability for my basket/s media weight needs)
Plastic Elastic Cord (or similar)
Sharpie Marker
Basket Sides
Start by placing and forming the plastic canvas into the inside of the canister filter to figure out what dimensions the basket will need to be (measuring is the most crucial step for this project). Add on an extra overlapping inch to the width measurement to allow for more support to the sides of the basket. Use a sharpie marker to mark where you'll need to cut your canvas. Cut out the plastic canvas size needed. Cup your canvas together to form a circular tube shape and use fishing line to sew/knot together the canvas sides (I did triple knots). To better secure the knots I took a lighter and burned off any loose ends just to melt everything together a smidge.
The two shapes needed to create a media basket.
Basket Base
As a base template for the basket I used the round filter basin that this filter came with to trace where to cut out another piece of plastic canvas. Attach the base to one end of the basket sides using the fishing line to complete the basket (it's not necessary to sew the entire base, just enough to hold the media in).
Basket handle
Basket Handle
To make the basket/s a bit easier to remove from the canister filter tie on some plastic cord to the top sides of the basket to create a handle. Don't make the handle too tight because you want to be able to get your media in and out easily and you don't want your basket to awkwardly bend inward.
Completed media basket.
Your basket/s should now slide nicely inside the canister filter and once full of media the baskets should sit on top of one another (assuming you made more than 1 basket). If for some reason it doesn't than you could always add on a small semi-circle piece and attach it to the top rim.


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