Lionhead Progress (4th Month)

The lionhead have now turned into Nisai with the new year and it has now been another 30 days since the lionheads last weigh-in. They have been on a fairly strict diet of New Life Spectrum Thera A 1mm pellets (this is the first month I have tried NLS Thera A) all month. I do feel that my lionhead seem a bit more vibrant in color this month, especially the yellow coloring on Pocky.
Ramen, Sumo, and Pocky (left to right)
This month Ramen is the slimmest at 44g with a 7g gain since last month. The 2 pellet foods which Ramen has showed the most growth on in the past has been NLS reg. and Hikari Lionhead.

Sumo is no longer the smallest in weight as he now weighs in at 46g with a 12g gain since last month. The 2 pellet foods which Sumo has shown the most growth on is NLS Thera A and Omega One.

Pocky is still the biggest lionhead at 49g with a 8g gain. The 2 pellet foods which Pocky has showed the most growth on is NLS reg. and Omega One.

The average gain this month was 9g (0.3g gain daily), unfortunately Pocky and Ramen both fell short as Sumo apparently ate the most food. This coming month I may try to mix their pellet food to be... 1 part Hikari Lionhead, 1 part NLS Thera A, 2 parts Omega One, and 2 Parts reg. NLS in hopes that they will all have a huge gain for next month. Today I finally reduced their water temperature from 76-78F down to 72F because there tank is honestly feeling like it's in the Bahama's right now and may be why the tank has been smelling regardless of water changes, etc.